Tibet News, 24th June 2017

Inside Tibet

d7d003b7-5711-4e79-922d-e62625b4e69b141 missing in southwest China landslide

(Xinhua, 2017/6/24) A landslide in southwest China’s Sichuan Province on Saturday morning buried 46 homes, and 141 people are missing, according to the provincial government. The landslide from a high part of a mountain in Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Aba hit Xinmo Village in Maoxian County at about 6 a.m., blocking a 2-km section of a river and burying 1,600 meters of road. The provincial government has launched the highest level of disaster relief response and sent rescue teams to the site. [Read More]

Flood From Melting Glaciers Strikes Tibet’s Sog County

(Radio Free Asia, 2017-06-20) A massive wall of water roared through a village in Tibet’s Sog county at the weekend, washing away several houses and damaging others in an incident local sources blamed on melting glaciers, the village leader told RFA’s Tibetan Service on Tuesday. The June 16 incident in Sog (in Chinese, Suo) county’s Gyalchen township in the Nagchu (Naqu) prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region has resulted in “major hardships” for residents of the area, Yangphel, chief of Gyalchen’s No. 5 Village, said. [Read More]

larung-garAuthorities demolish more dwellings than they agreed at Larung Gar

(Phayul, Friday, June 23, 2017) The Chinese authorities in Serta County have demolished more dwellings at the world’s largest Buddhist Center, Larung Gar, where demolitions have been going on since July last year, the Radio Free Asia reported. [Read More]

Tibetan slits his throat calling for freedom in Tibet’s capital

(Phayul, Friday, June 23, 2017) A Tibetan has reportedly died after slitting open his throat near the Jhokhang temple in Lhasa earlier today calling out slogans such as ‘Tibetans don’t have rights and freedom’ and ‘we want freedom’, according to the Voice of Tibet. [Read More]

tibet-palyulcounty-062317Tibetan Woman Drowns in Protest Against Land Grab in Palyul

(Radio Free Asia, 2017-06-23) A Tibetan woman living in Sichuan’s Palyul county threw herself into a river and drowned last week to protest Chinese authorities’ demolition of Tibetan houses and an historic cemetery near her home, Tibetan sources said. The woman, named Yudron, 45, acted to support Tibetan residents “upset when authorities began to destroy houses and other structures built without [official] permission on their own ancestral land,” a local source told RFA’s Tibetan Service. [Read More]

Refugee Community

19415659_1564236980287373_1896767568_n-300x300Tibetan activist dies after years campaigning for a free Tibet

(Free Tibet, 22nd June 2017) A Tibetan activist and self-immolation survivor Sherab Tsedor passed away on 21 June 2017 at the Tibetan Medical and Astro-science Institute, Dharamsala. Sherab Tsedor passed away due to a heart attack, at the age of 30, after many years campaigning for freedom for Tibet. During his time as a prominent Tibetan freedom activist he held executive positions on the boards of the regional Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) and the National Democratic Party of Tibet. [Read More]

Kashag Invokes State Oracle Nechung to Offer Obeisance

(Central Tibetan Administration, June 23, 2017) As part of its summer tradition, the Kashag of the Central Tibetan Administration today invoked Nechung, the official state oracle of the Central Tibetan Administration at a brief ceremony held this morning at Nechung Drayangling Monastery. [Read More]

Diplomatic & Parliamentary

Senator Feinstein asks China’s Global Times to retract its threat to UC San Diego for inviting Dalai Lama

(International Campaign for Tibet, June 22, 2017) Dianne Feinstein, the prominent and influential US Senator from California, said the recent Global Times editorial threatening the University of California San Diego and Chancellor Pradeep Khosla is unconscionable and asked it to retract the report earlier today (June 22, 2017). The Global Times is a Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece and propaganda outlet. In a statement, Senator Feinstein said, “I find it unconscionable that a reporter for the Global Times, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, would threaten UC San Diego and its chancellor and students for inviting the Dalai Lama to speak.” [Read More]

Congress calls on Trump Administration to implement statutory obligation by appointing a US Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues

(International Campaign for Tibet, June 22, 2017) As the Trump Administration prepares to name the next level of officials for the State Department, 37 members of Congress have written to President Trump reminding him of his statutory obligation, established under the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002, to appoint a Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues. The letter begins: “As members of the United States Congress, we write to urge you to appoint the position of Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues at the US Department of State as soon as possible.” [Read More]

tibetan-kanjurNarendra Modi Gifts Tibetan Kanjur Books To Russian Temple

(Tibetan Journal, June 15, 2017) Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi gifts Tibetan Kanjur books to the Russian temple, Datsan Gunzechoinei Buddhist Temple in Saint Petersburg. Modi gifted the Urga Kanjur, edition of the Tibetan Kanjur to the priest of the Russian Buddhist Temple during his visit to the country recently when he set off for a three nation tour of Europe. [Read More]



In China’s far west the ‘perfect police state’ is emerging

(The Guardian, 23rd June 2017) During a trip through China’s violence-plagued Xinjiang, the Guardian witnesses dramatic security surge as Communist party fights to ‘pacify’ region [Read More]

Revised Seating Arrangement Protocol for CTA Dignitaries at Official Ceremonies and Functions

(Central Tibetan Administration, June 22, 2017) The Kashag issued a circular dated June 21 announcing a revised seating arrangement for the President, Chief Justice Commissioner, Speaker of Tibetan Parliament and other senior officials of the Central Tibetan Administration during official ceremonies and functions. The circular stated: “Since the complete devolution of political authority by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to a democratically-elected Kalon Tripa on 8 August 2011, the entire political and administrative affairs are being handled by an elected leadership. As a result, due amendments to that effect were made to the Charter of the Tibetan people in exile.” [Read More]

Comment & Analysis

rukor-headerErasing Nomads And Memory Of Pastoral Productive Landscapes

(rukor.org, 23rd June, 2017) What the World Heritage experts have failed to notice is that most of the Tibetans were removed well before the World Heritage nomination process began, specifically to the Chinese petrochemical industrial city of Gormo, hundreds of kms to the north. [Read More]

Dividing the Third Pole

(China Policy Institute, June 21, 2017) Over the last decade, the Tibetan Plateau has changed beyond recognition. In the place of the organic huddles of mud-brick villages and scattered nomadic pastoralist tents that characterised rural life on the Plateau for more than a thousand years, stand roadside lines of concrete [Read More]

State-managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian relations

(China Policy Institute, 23rd June, 2017) “No matter what the 14th Dalai Lama says or does, he cannot deny the Central Government’s right to recognise reincarnations,” says Norbu Döndrup ནོར་བུ་དོན་གྲུབ 罗布顿珠, one of the highest-ranking Tibetan officials in the Autonomous Region’s government. Zhu Weiqun 朱维群, former deputy head of the United Front Work Department who now chairs the ethnic and religious affairs committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, famously stated that Dalai Lama reincarnations “have never been a purely religious matter;” historical precedent makes the state’s prerogative to manage reincarnations “an important manifestation of the Central Government’s sovereignty over Tibet.” [Read More]


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