About The Group


What We Do

The Cross Party Group on Tibet in the Scottish Parliament meets regularly to facilitate the building of relations between The Scottish Parliament, Tibet and its people and those interested in Tibet.

This blog provides access to the work that we do including the reports we have published.  Please note these reports are not binding on or endorsed by the Scottish Parliament but they do represent what we believe is a well researched and balanced view on key issues concerning Tibet and its people.

Who We Are

The Group contains MSPs, civil society organisations and individuals committed to a viable future for the Tibetan Plateau and the Tibetan people. That could include you!

Chair: Linda Fabiani, MSP

Vice-Chair: Ross Greer, MSP

Secretary: Dr Martin A. Mills (Director, Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research)

Treasurer: Mr Roger Eames

Contact Us

Anyone interested in Tibet is welcome to join the group who meet quarterly in the Scottish Parliament.  If you wish to attend the meeting or joining the group, please contact the Secretary using the form below.